Martin Froyda - portfolio

Biography: Martin Froyda - producer, director, cameraman and photographer

Martin Froyda was born in Plzen in 1967 in former Czechoslovakia. After his graduation he worked as an electrician and movie camera assistant and studied at the Prague faculty of film FAMU – Director of Photography. Following the Velvet Revolution he established his own production company, producing television programs, music videos and movies. These included the following:

  • Cuba Libre,1997 – a documentary film on the contemporary life of one of the last floundering communist islands Island of Tears and Hope (1995).
  • Two feature films: How to Win a Princess (1995) and the Maharal – The Secrets of the Talisman (2007), which won many international festival awards in the category of children´s films (Belgium, Belorussia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany).
  • The popular and ongoing TV series on cooking: Man in Action / Kluci v akci / (2005 – present), broadcast by Czech Television since 2005 with more than 260 segments thus far.
  • Documentary on the Czech-American Martin Jan Stansky (Between two homes, 2000) covering the famous Czech literary and political family dynasty, which founded Lidove noviny.
  • Following 9/11, documentary film of interviews with Czechs living in New York (New York City – The Week After, 2001)
  • Hour-long documentary on the phenomenon of emigration to the U.S. (Gateway to America, 2004).
  • Documentary film about a Czech fashion model in Mumbai India, who merged her life with Indian showbiseness (Stardust from Bollywood, 2005).
  • Countless number of travelogues for the Czech TV travel magazine (Objektiv – Lens) from all over the world.
  • Documentary film on the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic (Out of Vietnam, 2003).
  • Documentary film for the travelogue format “On the Road” (On the Road - Queensland, 2010).
  • Documentary film about a war story from the end of the Second World War (Operation Thunderclap, 2011).

As a photographer, Martin Froyda participated in the creation of books and magazines regarding the television series Man in Action. (The Taste of Andalusia, The Taste of Italy, etc.). He also participated in creating the book with Prague themes - Prague Magic. His last photo exhibition was entitled Journeys in X Center Plzen (2000). His latest exhibition is the book New York Walker in Blizzard.